22.9.14. C API Prepared Statement Problems

Here follows a list of the currently known problems with prepared statements:

  • TIME, TIMESTAMP, and DATETIME do not support parts of seconds (for example, from DATE_FORMAT()).

  • When converting an integer to string, ZEROFILL is honored with prepared statements in some cases where the MySQL server doesn't print the leading zeros. (For example, with MIN(number-with-zerofill)).

  • When converting a floating-point number to a string in the client, the rightmost digits of the converted value may differ slightly from those of the original value.

  • Prepared statements use the query cache under the conditions described in Section, “How the Query Cache Operates”.

  • Prepared statements do not support multi-statements (that is, multiple statements within a single string separated by “;” characters).

  • Before MySQL 5.5.3, prepared CALL statements cannot invoke stored procedures that return result sets because prepared statements do not support multiple result sets. Nor can the calling application access a stored procedure's OUT or INOUT parameters when the procedure returns. As of MySQL 5.5.3, these capabilities are supported as described in Section 22.9.16, “C API Support for Prepared CALL Statements”.

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