D.6.7.3. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 1.1h (08 March 1999)

  • Fixed escape processor to deal with unmatched { and } (thanks to Craig Coles)

  • Fixed escape processor to create more portable (between DATETIME and TIMESTAMP types) representations so that it will work with BETWEEN clauses. (thanks to Craig Longman)

  • MysqlIO.quit() now closes the socket connection. Before, after many failed connections some OS's would run out of file descriptors. (thanks to Michael Brinkman)

  • Fixed NullPointerException in Driver.getPropertyInfo. (thanks to Dave Potts)

  • Fixes to MysqlDefs to allow all *text fields to be retrieved as Strings. (thanks to Chris at Leverage)

  • Fixed setDouble in PreparedStatement for large numbers to avoid sending scientific notation to the database. (thanks to J.S. Ferguson)

  • Fixed getScale() and getPrecision() in RSMD. (contrib'd by James Klicman)

  • Fixed getObject() when field was DECIMAL or NUMERIC (thanks to Bert Hobbs)

  • DBMD.getTables() bombed when passed a null table-name pattern. Fixed. (thanks to Richard Lobb)

  • Added check for "client not authorized" errors during connect. (thanks to Hannes Wallnoefer)

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