D.6.6. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 1.2b (04 July 1999)

  • Better Documentation (in progress), in doc/mm.doc/book1.html

  • DBMD now permits null for a column name pattern (not in spec), which it changes to '%'.

  • DBMD now has correct types/lengths for getXXX().

  • ResultSet.getDate(), getTime(), and getTimestamp() fixes. (contributed by Alan Wilken)

  • EscapeProcessor now handles \{ \} and { or } inside quotation marks correctly. (thanks to Alik for some ideas on how to fix it)

  • Fixes to properties handling in Connection. (contributed by Juho Tikkala)

  • ResultSet.getObject() now returns null for NULL columns in the table, rather than bombing out. (thanks to Ben Grosman)

  • ResultSet.getObject() now returns Strings for types from MySQL that it doesn't know about. (Suggested by Chris Perdue)

  • Removed DataInput/Output streams, not needed, 1/2 number of method calls per IO operation.

  • Use default character encoding if one is not specified. This is a work-around for broken JVMs, because according to spec, EVERY JVM must support "ISO8859_1", but they do not.

  • Fixed Connection to use the platform character encoding instead of "ISO8859_1" if one isn't explicitly set. This fixes problems people were having loading the character- converter classes that didn't always exist (JVM bug). (thanks to Fritz Elfert for pointing out this problem)

  • Changed MysqlIO to re-use packets where possible to reduce memory usage.

  • Fixed escape-processor bugs pertaining to {} inside quotation marks.

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