D.6.5.3. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 2.0.12 (07 April 2002)

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed testsuite.Traversal afterLast() bug, thanks to Igor Lastric.

  • Added new types to getTypeInfo(), fixed existing types thanks to Al Davis and Kid Kalanon.

  • Fixed time zone off-by-1-hour bug in PreparedStatement (538286, 528785).

  • Added identifier quoting to all DatabaseMetaData methods that need them (should fix 518108).

  • Added support for BIT types (51870) to PreparedStatement.

  • ResultSet.insertRow() should now detect auto_increment fields in most cases and use that value in the new row. This detection will not work in multi-valued keys, however, due to the fact that the MySQL protocol does not return this information.

  • Relaxed synchronization in all classes, should fix 520615 and 520393.

  • DataSources - fixed setUrl bug (511614, 525565), wrong datasource class name (532816, 528767).

  • Added support for YEAR type (533556).

  • Fixes for ResultSet updatability in PreparedStatement.

  • ResultSet: Fixed updatability (values being set to null if not updated).

  • Added getTable/ColumnPrivileges() to DBMD (fixes 484502).

  • Added getIdleFor() method to Connection and MysqlLogicalHandle.

  • ResultSet.refreshRow() implemented.

  • Fixed getRow() bug (527165) in ResultSet.

  • General code cleanup.

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