D.6.5.1. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 2.0.14 (16 May 2002)

Bugs fixed:

  • ResultSet.getDouble() now uses code built into JDK to be more precise (but slower).

  • Fixed typo for relaxAutoCommit parameter.

  • LogicalHandle.isClosed() calls through to physical connection.

  • Added SQL profiling (to STDERR). Set profileSql=true in your JDBC URL. See README for more information.

  • PreparedStatement now releases resources on .close(). (SF bug 553268)

  • More code cleanup.

  • Quoted identifiers not used if server version does not support them. Also, if server started with --ansi or --sql-mode=ANSI_QUOTES, “"” will be used as an identifier quote character, otherwise “'” will be used.

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