D.6.5.10. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 2.0.5 (13 June 2001)

Bugs fixed:

  • ResultSet.insertRow() works now, even if not all columns are set (they will be set to NULL).

  • Added Byte to PreparedStatement.setObject().

  • Fixed data parsing of TIMESTAMP values with 2-digit years.

  • Added ISOLATION level support to Connection.setIsolationLevel()

  • DataBaseMetaData.getCrossReference() no longer ArrayIndexOOB.

  • ResultSet.getBoolean() now recognizes -1 as true.

  • ResultSet has +/-Inf/inf support.

  • getObject() on ResultSet correctly does TINYINT->Byte and SMALLINT->Short.

  • Fixed ResultSetMetaData.getColumnTypeName for TEXT/BLOB.

  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when sending large BLOB queries. (Max size packet was not being set)

  • Fixed NPE on PreparedStatement.executeUpdate() when all columns have not been set.

  • Fixed ResultSet.getBlob() ArrayIndex out-of-bounds.

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