D.6.5.8. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 2.0.7 (24 October 2001)

Bugs fixed:

  • Character sets read from database if useUnicode=true and characterEncoding is not set. (thanks to Dmitry Vereshchagin)

  • Initial transaction isolation level read from database (if available). (thanks to Dmitry Vereshchagin)

  • Fixed PreparedStatement generating SQL that would end up with syntax errors for some queries.

  • PreparedStatement.setCharacterStream() now implemented

  • Captialize type names when captializeTypeNames=true is passed in URL or properties (for WebObjects. (thanks to Anjo Krank)

  • ResultSet.getBlob() now returns null if column value was null.

  • Fixed ResultSetMetaData.getPrecision() returning one less than actual on newer versions of MySQL.

  • Fixed dangling socket problem when in high availability (autoReconnect=true) mode, and finalizer for Connection will close any dangling sockets on GC.

  • Fixed time zone issue in PreparedStatement.setTimestamp(). (thanks to Erik Olofsson)

  • PreparedStatement.setDouble() now uses full-precision doubles (reverting a fix made earlier to truncate them).

  • Fixed DatabaseMetaData.supportsTransactions(), and supportsTransactionIsolationLevel() and getTypeInfo() SQL_DATETIME_SUB and SQL_DATA_TYPE fields not being readable.

  • Updatable result sets now correctly handle NULL values in fields.

  • PreparedStatement.setBoolean() will use 1/0 for values if your MySQL version is 3.21.23 or higher.

  • Fixed ResultSet.isAfterLast() always returning false.

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