D.6.5.6. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 2.0.9 (13 January 2002)

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed extra memory allocation in MysqlIO.readPacket() (bug 488663).

  • Added detection of network connection being closed when reading packets (thanks to Todd Lizambri).

  • Fixed casting bug in PreparedStatement (bug 488663).

  • DataSource implementations moved to org.gjt.mm.mysql.jdbc2.optional package, and (initial) implementations of PooledConnectionDataSource and XADataSource are in place (thanks to Todd Wolff for the implementation and testing of PooledConnectionDataSource with IBM WebSphere 4).

  • Fixed quoting error with escape processor (bug 486265).

  • Removed concatenation support from driver (the || operator), as older versions of VisualAge seem to be the only thing that use it, and it conflicts with the logical || operator. You will need to start mysqld with the --ansi flag to use the || operator as concatenation (bug 491680).

  • Ant build was corrupting included jar files, fixed (bug 487669).

  • Report batch update support through DatabaseMetaData (bug 495101).

  • Implementation of DatabaseMetaData.getExported/ImportedKeys() and getCrossReference().

  • Fixed off-by-one-hour error in PreparedStatement.setTimestamp() (bug 491577).

  • Full synchronization on methods modifying instance and class-shared references, driver should be entirely thread-safe now (please let me know if you have problems).

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