D.6.5.14. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 2.0.0pre4 (10 January 2000)

  • Fixes to ResultSet for insertRow() - Thanks to Cesar Garcia

  • Fix to Driver to recognize JDBC-2.0 by loading a JDBC-2.0 class, instead of relying on JDK version numbers. Thanks to John Baker.

  • Fixed ResultSet to return correct row numbers

  • Statement.getUpdateCount() now returns rows matched, instead of rows actually updated, which is more SQL-92 like.


  • Statement/PreparedStatement.getMoreResults() bug fixed. Thanks to Noel J. Bergman.

  • Added Short as a type to PreparedStatement.setObject(). Thanks to Jeff Crowder

  • Driver now automagically configures maximum/preferred packet sizes by querying server.

  • Autoreconnect code uses fast ping command if server supports it.

  • Fixed various bugs with respect to packet sizing when reading from the server and when alloc'ing to write to the server.

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