D.6.4.18. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.0 (31 July 2002)

Bugs fixed:

  • General source-code cleanup.

  • The driver now only works with JDK-1.2 or newer.

  • Fix and sort primary key names in DBMetaData (SF bugs 582086 and 582086).

  • ResultSet.getTimestamp() now works for DATE types (SF bug 559134).

  • Float types now reported as java.sql.Types.FLOAT (SF bug 579573).

  • Support for streaming (row-by-row) result sets (see README) Thanks to Doron.

  • Testsuite now uses Junit (which you can get from http://www.junit.org.

  • JDBC Compliance: Passes all tests besides stored procedure tests.

  • ResultSet.getDate/Time/Timestamp now recognizes all forms of invalid values that have been set to all zeros by MySQL (SF bug 586058).

  • Added multi-host failover support (see README).

  • Repackaging: New driver name is com.mysql.jdbc.Driver, old name still works, though (the driver is now provided by MySQL-AB).

  • Support for large packets (new addition to MySQL-4.0 protocol), see README for more information.

  • Better checking for closed connections in Statement and PreparedStatement.

  • Performance improvements in string handling and field metadata creation (lazily instantiated) contributed by Alex Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes.

  • JDBC-3.0 functionality including Statement/PreparedStatement.getGeneratedKeys() and ResultSet.getURL().

  • Overall speed improvements using controlling transient object creation in MysqlIO class when reading packets.

  • !!! LICENSE CHANGE !!! The driver is now GPL. If you need non-GPL licenses, please contact me <mark@mysql.com>.

  • Performance enchancements: Driver is now 50–100% faster in most situations, and creates fewer temporary objects.

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