D.6.4.6. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.12 (18 May 2004)

Bugs fixed:

  • Inconsistent reporting of data type. The server still doesn't return all types for *BLOBs *TEXT correctly, so the driver won't return those correctly. (Bug#3570)

  • UpdatableResultSet not picking up default values for moveToInsertRow(). (Bug#3557)

  • Not specifying database in URL caused MalformedURL exception. (Bug#3554)

  • Auto-convert MySQL encoding names to Java encoding names if used for characterEncoding property. (Bug#3554)

  • Use junit.textui.TestRunner for all unit tests (to enable them to be run from the command line outside of Ant or Eclipse). (Bug#3554)

  • Added encoding names that are recognized on some JVMs to fix case where they were reverse-mapped to MySQL encoding names incorrectly. (Bug#3554)

  • Made StringRegressionTest 4.1-unicode aware. (Bug#3520)

  • Fixed regression in PreparedStatement.setString() and eastern character encodings. (Bug#3520)

  • DBMD.getSQLStateType() returns incorrect value. (Bug#3520)

  • Renamed StringUtils.escapeSJISByteStream() to more appropriate escapeEasternUnicodeByteStream(). (Bug#3511)

  • StringUtils.escapeSJISByteStream() not covering all eastern double-byte charsets correctly. (Bug#3511)

  • Return creating statement for ResultSets created by getGeneratedKeys(). (Bug#2957)

  • Use SET character_set_results during initialization to enable any charset to be returned to the driver for result sets. (Bug#2670)

  • Don't truncate BLOB or CLOB values when using setBytes() and setBinary/CharacterStream(). (Bug#2670)

  • Dynamically configure character set mappings for field-level character sets on MySQL-4.1.0 and newer using SHOW COLLATION when connecting. (Bug#2670)

  • Map binary character set to US-ASCII to support DATETIME charset recognition for servers >= 4.1.2. (Bug#2670)

  • Use charsetnr returned during connect to encode queries before issuing SET NAMES on MySQL >= 4.1.0. (Bug#2670)

  • Add helper methods to ResultSetMetaData (getColumnCharacterEncoding() and getColumnCharacterSet()) to permit end users to see what charset the driver thinks it should be using for the column. (Bug#2670)

  • Only set character_set_results for MySQL >= 4.1.0. (Bug#2670)

  • Allow url parameter for MysqlDataSource and MysqlConnectionPool DataSource so that passing of other properties is possible from inside appservers.

  • Don't escape SJIS/GBK/BIG5 when using MySQL-4.1 or newer.

  • Backport documentation tooling from 3.1 branch.

  • Added failOverReadOnly property, to enable the user to configure the state of the connection (read-only/writable) when failed over.

  • Allow java.util.Date to be sent in as parameter to PreparedStatement.setObject(), converting it to a Timestamp to maintain full precision. . (Bug#103)

  • Add unsigned attribute to DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() output in the TYPE_NAME column.

  • Map duplicate key and foreign key errors to SQLState of 23000.

  • Backported “change user” and “reset server state” functionality from 3.1 branch, to enable clients of MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource to reset server state on getConnection() on a pooled connection.

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