D.6.4.15. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.3 (17 December 2002)

Bugs fixed:

  • Allow user to alter behavior of Statement/ PreparedStatement.executeBatch() using continueBatchOnError property (defaults to true).

  • More robust escape tokenizer: Recognize -- comments, and permit nested escape sequences (see testsuite.EscapeProcessingTest).

  • Fixed Buffer.isLastDataPacket() for 4.1 and newer servers.

  • NamedPipeSocketFactory now works (only intended for Windows), see README for instructions.

  • Changed charsToByte in SingleByteCharConverter to be nonstatic.

  • Use nonaliased table/column names and database names to fully qualify tables and columns in UpdatableResultSet (requires MySQL-4.1 or newer).

  • LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ... now works, if your server is configured to permit it. Can be turned off with the allowLoadLocalInfile property (see the README).

  • Implemented Connection.nativeSQL().

  • Fixed ResultSetMetaData.getColumnTypeName() returning BLOB for TEXT and TEXT for BLOB types.

  • Fixed charset handling in Fields.java.

  • Because of above, implemented ResultSetMetaData.isAutoIncrement() to use Field.isAutoIncrement().

  • Substitute '?' for unknown character conversions in single-byte character sets instead of '\0'.

  • Added CLIENT_LONG_FLAG to be able to get more column flags (isAutoIncrement() being the most important).

  • Honor lower_case_table_names when enabled in the server when doing table name comparisons in DatabaseMetaData methods.

  • DBMD.getImported/ExportedKeys() now handles multiple foreign keys per table.

  • More robust implementation of updatable result sets. Checks that all primary keys of the table have been selected.

  • Some MySQL-4.1 protocol support (extended field info from selects).

  • Check for connection closed in more Connection methods (createStatement, prepareStatement, setTransactionIsolation, setAutoCommit).

  • Fixed ResultSetMetaData.getPrecision() returning incorrect values for some floating-point types.

  • Changed SingleByteCharConverter to use lazy initialization of each converter.

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