D.6.3.2. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.1.14 (19 October 2006)

Bugs fixed:

  • Check and store value for continueBatchOnError property in constructor of Statements, rather than when executing batches, so that Connections closed out from underneath statements don't cause NullPointerExceptions when it is required to check this property. (Bug#22290)

  • Fixed Bug#18258 - DatabaseMetaData.getTables(), columns() with bad catalog parameter threw exception rather than return empty result set (as required by spec). (Bug#22290)

  • Driver now sends numeric 1 or 0 for client-prepared statement setBoolean() calls instead of '1' or '0'. (Bug#22290)

  • Fixed bug where driver would not advance to next host if roundRobinLoadBalance=true and the last host in the list is down. (Bug#22290)

  • Driver issues truncation on write exception when it shouldn't (due to sending big decimal incorrectly to server with server-side prepared statement). (Bug#22290)

  • Fixed bug when calling stored functions, where parameters weren't numbered correctly (first parameter is now the return value, subsequent parameters if specified start at index "2"). (Bug#22290)

  • Removed logger autodetection altogether, must now specify logger explicitly if you want to use a logger other than one that logs to STDERR. (Bug#21207)

  • DDriver throws NPE when tracing prepared statements that have been closed (in asSQL()). (Bug#21207)

  • ResultSet.getSomeInteger() doesn't work for BIT(>1). (Bug#21062)

  • Escape of quotation marks in client-side prepared statements parsing not respected. Patch covers more than bug report, including NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES being set, and stacked quote characters forms of escaping (that is, '' or ""). (Bug#20888)

  • Fixed can't pool server-side prepared statements, exception raised when re-using them. (Bug#20687)

  • Fixed Updatable result set that contains a BIT column fails when server-side prepared statements are used. (Bug#20485)

  • Fixed updatable result set throws ClassCastException when there is row data and moveToInsertRow() is called. (Bug#20479)

  • Fixed ResultSet.getShort() for UNSIGNED TINYINT returns incorrect values when using server-side prepared statements. (Bug#20306)

  • ReplicationDriver does not always round-robin load balance depending on URL used for slaves list. (Bug#19993)

  • Fixed calling toString() on ResultSetMetaData for driver-generated (that is, from DatabaseMetaData method calls, or from getGeneratedKeys()) result sets would raise a NullPointerException. (Bug#19993)

  • Connection fails to localhost when using timeout and IPv6 is configured. (Bug#19726)

  • ResultSet.getFloatFromString() can't retrieve values near Float.MIN/MAX_VALUE. (Bug#18880)

  • Fixed memory leak with profileSQL=true. (Bug#16987)

  • Fixed NullPointerException in MysqlDataSourceFactory due to Reference containing RefAddrs with null content. (Bug#16791)

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