22.5.10. MySQL Connector/C++ Feature requests

You can suggest new features in the first instance by joining the mailing list or forum and talking with the developers directly. See Section 22.5.11, “MySQL Connector/C++ Support”

The following feature requests are currently being worked on:

  • C++ references for Statements, ResultSets, and exceptions, are being considered, instead of pointers to heap memory. This reduces the exception handling burden for the programmer.

  • Adopt STL (suggestions are welcome).

  • JDBC compliance: data type interfaces and support through ResultSet:getType() and PreparedStatement:bind(). Introduce sql::Blob, sql::Clob, sql::Date, sql::Time, sql::Timestamp, sql::URL. Support get|setBlob(), get|setClob(), get|setDate(), get|setTime(), get|setTimestamp(), get|setURL()

  • Add support for all C-API connection options. Improved support for mysql_options.

  • Add connect method which supports passing options using HashMaps.

  • Create Windows installer.

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