Deploying Connector/MXJ using Driver Launch

Connector/MXJ and Connector/J work together to enable you to launch an instance of the mysqld server through the use of a keyword in the JDBC connection string. Deploying Connector/MXJ within a Java application can be automated through this method, making the deployment of Connector/MXJ a simple process:

  1. Download and unzip Connector/MXJ, add mysql-connector-mxj-gpl-[ver].jar to the CLASSPATH.

    If you are using Connector/MXJ v5.0.4 or later you will also need to add the mysql-connector-mxj-gpl-[ver]-db-files.jar file to your CLASSPATH.

  2. To the JDBC connection string, embed the mxj keyword, for example: jdbc:mysql:mxj://localhost:PORT/DBNAME.

For more details, see Section 22.4.4, “Connector/MXJ Configuration”.

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