D.4.13. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET Version 0.75

  • Enum values now supported as parameter values (thanks Philipp Sumi).

  • Year data type now supported.

  • Fixed compression.

  • Fixed bug where a parameter with a TimeSpan as the value would not serialize properly.

  • Fixed bug where default constructor would not set default connection string values.

  • Added some XML comments to some members.

  • Work to fix/improve compression handling.

  • Improved ConnectionString handling so that it better matches the standard set by SqlClient.

  • A MySqlException is now thrown if a user name is not included in the connection string.

  • Localhost is now used as the default if not specified on the connection string.

  • An exception is now thrown if an attempt is made to set the connection string while the connection is open.

  • Small changes to ConnectionString docs.

  • Removed MultiHostStream and MySqlStream. Replaced it with Common/StreamCreator.

  • Added support for Use Pipe connection string value.

  • Added Platform class for easier access to platform utility functions.

  • Fixed small pooling bug where new connection was not getting created after IsAlive fails.

  • Added Platform.cs and StreamCreator.cs.

  • Fixed Field.cs to properly handle 4.1 style timestamps.

  • Changed Common.Version to Common.DBVersion to avoid name conflict.

  • Fixed field.cs so that text columns return the right field type.

  • Added MySqlError class to provide some reference for error codes (thanks Geert Veenstra).

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