D.4.10.1. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.11 (Not yet released)

Bugs fixed:

  • Attempting to utilize MySQL Connector .Net version 1.0.10 throws a fatal exception under Mono when pooling is enabled. (Bug#33682)

  • Setting the size of a string parameter after the value could cause an exception. (Bug#32094)

  • Creation of parameter objects with noninput direction using a constructor would fail. This was cause by some old legacy code preventing their use. (Bug#32093)

  • Memory usage could increase and decrease significantly when updating or inserting a large number of rows. (Bug#31090)

  • Commands executed from within the state change handeler would fail with a NULL exception. (Bug#30964)

  • Extracting data through XML functions within a query returns the data as System.Byte[]. This was due to MySQL Connector/NET incorrectly identifying BLOB fields as binary, rather than text. (Bug#30233)

  • Using compression in the MySQL connection with MySQL Connector/NET would be slower than using native (uncompressed) communication. (Bug#27865)

  • Changing the connection string of a connection to one that changes the parameter marker after the connection had been assigned to a command but before the connection is opened could cause parameters to not be found. (Bug#13991)

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