D.4.10.7. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.5 (29 August 2005)

Bugs fixed:

  • MySQL Connector/NET could not connect to MySQL 4.1.14. (Bug#12771)

  • With multiple hosts in the connection string, MySQL Connector/NET would not connect to the last host in the list. (Bug#12628)

  • The ConnectionString property could not be set when a MySqlConnection object was added with the designer. (Bug#12551, Bug#8724)

  • The cp1250 character set was not supported. (Bug#11621)

  • A call to a stored procedure caused an exception if the stored procedure had no parameters. (Bug#11542)

  • Certain malformed queries would trigger a Connection must be valid and open error message. (Bug#11490)

  • Trying to use a stored procedure when Connection.Database was not populated generated an exception. (Bug#11450)

  • MySQL Connector/NET interpreted the new decimal data type as a byte array. (Bug#11294)

  • Added support to call a stored function from MySQL Connector/NET. (Bug#10644)

  • Connection could fail when .NET thread pool had no available worker threads. (Bug#10637)

  • Calling MySqlConnection.clone when a connection string had not yet been set on the original connection would generate an error. (Bug#10281)

  • Decimal parameters caused syntax errors. (Bug#10152, Bug#11550, Bug#10486)

  • Parameters were not recognized when they were separated by linefeeds. (Bug#9722)

  • The MySqlCommandBuilder class could not handle queries that referenced tables in a database other than the default database. (Bug#8382)

  • Trying to read a TIMESTAMP column generated an exception. (Bug#7951)

  • MySQL Connector/NET could not work properly with certain regional settings. (WL#8228)

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