D.4.10.4. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.8 (20 October 2006)

Functionality added or changed:

  • Stored procedures are now cached.

  • The method for retrieving stored procedured metadata has been changed so that users without SELECT privileges on the mysql.proc table can use a stored procedure.

Bugs fixed:

  • MySQL Connector/NET on a Tukish operating system, may fail to execute certain SQL statements correctly. (Bug#22452)

  • The # would not be accepted within column/table names, even though it was valid. (Bug#21521)

  • Calling Close on a connection after calling a stored procedure would trigger a NullReferenceException. (Bug#20581)

  • You can now install the MySQL Connector/NET MSI package from the command line using the /passive, /quiet, /q options. (Bug#19994)

  • The DiscoverParameters function would fail when a stored procedure used a NUMERIC parameter type. (Bug#19515)

  • When running a query that included a date comparison, a DateReader error would be raised. (Bug#19481)

  • IDataRecord.GetString would raise NullPointerException for null values in returned rows. Method now throws SqlNullValueException. (Bug#19294)

  • Parameter substitution in queries where the order of parameters and table fields did not match would substitute incorrect values. (Bug#19261)

  • Submitting an empty string to a command object through prepare raises an System.IndexOutOfRangeException, rather than a MySQL Connector/NET exception. (Bug#18391)

  • An exception would be raised when using an output parameter to a System.String value. (Bug#17814)

  • CHAR type added to MySqlDbType. (Bug#17749)

  • A SELECT query on a table with a date with a value of '0000-00-00' would hang the application. (Bug#17736)

  • The CommandBuilder ignored Unsigned flag at Parameter creation. (Bug#17375)

  • When working with multiple threads, character set initialization would generate errors. (Bug#17106)

  • When using an unsigned 64-bit integer in a stored procedure, the unsigned bit would be lost stored. (Bug#16934)

  • DataReader would show the value of the previous row (or last row with nonnull data) if the current row contained a datetime field with a null value. (Bug#16884)

  • Unsigned data types were not properly supported. (Bug#16788)

  • The connection string parser did not permit single or double quotation marks in the password. (Bug#16659)

  • The MySqlDateTime class did not contain constructors. (Bug#15112)

  • Called MySqlCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters for a stored procedure that has no paramers would cause an application crash. (Bug#15077)

  • Using ExecuteScalar with a datetime field, where the value of the field is "0000-00-00 00:00:00", a MySqlConversionException exception would be raised. (Bug#11991)

  • An MySql.Data.Types.MySqlConversionException would be raised when trying to update a row that contained a date field, where the date field contained a zero value (0000-00-00 00:00:00). (Bug#9619)

  • When using MySqlDataAdapter, connections to a MySQL server may remain open and active, even though the use of the connection has been completed and the data received. (Bug#8131)

  • Executing multiple queries as part of a transaction returns There is already an openDataReader associated with this Connection which must be closed first. (Bug#7248)

  • Incorrect field/data lengths could be returned for VARCHAR UTF8 columns. Bug (#14592)

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