D.4.9.4. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.0.7 (18 May 2007)

Bugs fixed:

  • Running the statement SHOW PROCESSLIST would return columns as byte arrays instead of native columns. (Bug#28448)

  • Building a connection string within a tight loop would show slow performance. (Bug#28167)

  • Using logging (with the logging=true parameter to the connection string) would not generate a log file. (Bug#27765)

  • The UNSIGNED flag for parameters in a stored procedure would be ignored when using MySqlCommandBuilder to obtain the parameter information. (Bug#27679)

  • Using MySQLDataAdapter.FillSchema() on a stored procedure would raise an exception: Invalid attempt to access a field before calling Read(). (Bug#27668)

  • If you close an open connection with an active transaction, the transaction is not automatically rolled back. (Bug#27289)

  • When cloning an open MySqlClient.MySqlConnection with the Persist Security Info=False option set, the cloned connection is not usable because the security information has not been cloned. (Bug#27269)

  • Enlisting a null transaction would affect the current connection object, such that further enlistment operations to the transaction are not possible. (Bug#26754)

  • Attempting to change the Connection Protocol property within a PropertyGrid control would raise an exception. (Bug#26472)

  • The characterset property would not be identified during a connection (also affected Visual Studion Plugin). (Bug#26147, Bug#27240)

  • The CreateFormat column of the DataTypes collection did not contain a format specification for creating a new column type. (Bug#25947)

  • DATETIME fields from versions of MySQL bgefore 4.1 would be incorrectly parsed, resulting in a exception. (Bug#23342)

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