D.4.8.6. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.3 (21 September 2007 beta)

This is a new Beta development release, fixing recently discovered bugs.

Bugs fixed:

  • An incorrect ConstraintException could be raised on an INSERT when adding rows to a table with a multiple-column unique key index. (Bug#30204)

  • A DATE field would be updated with a date/time value, causing a MySqlDataAdapter.Update() exception. (Bug#30077)

  • The Saudi Hijri calendar was not supported. (Bug#29931)

  • Calling SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE for routines with a hyphen in the catalog name produced a syntax error. (Bug#29526)

  • Connecting to a MySQL server earlier than version 4.1 would raise a NullException. (Bug#29476)

  • The availability of a MySQL server would not be reset when using pooled connections (pooling=true). This would lead to the server being reported as unavailable, even if the server become available while the application was still running. (Bug#29409)

  • A FormatException error would be raised if a parameter had not been found, instead of Resources.ParameterMustBeDefined. (Bug#29312)

  • An exception would be thrown when using the Manage Role functionality within the web administrator to assign a role to a user. (Bug#29236)

  • Using the membership/role providers when validationKey or decryptionKey parameters are set to AutoGenerate, an exception would be raised when accessing the corresponding values. (Bug#29235)

  • Certain operations would not check the UsageAdvisor setting, causing log messages from the Usage Advisor even when it was disabled. (Bug#29124)

  • Using the same connection string multiple times would result in Database=dbname appearing multiple times in the resulting string. (Bug#29123)

  • Visual Studio Plugin: Adding a new query based on a stored procedure that uses the SELECT statement would terminate the query/TableAdapter wizard. (Bug#29098)

  • Using TransactionScope would cause an InvalidOperationException. (Bug#28709)

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