D.4.8.4. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.5 (Not yet released)

Functionality added or changed:

  • Performing GetValue() on a field TINYINT(1) returned a BOOLEAN. While not a bug, this caused problems in software that expected an INT to be returned. A new connection string option Treat Tiny As Boolean has been added with a default value of true. If set to false the provider will treat TINYINT(1) as INT. (Bug#34052)

Bugs fixed:

  • Some speed improvements have been implemented in the TokenizeSql process used to identify elements of SQL statements. (Bug#34220)

  • When accessing tables from different databases within the same TransactionScope, the same user/password combination would be used for each database connection. MySQL Connector/NET does not handle multiple connections within the same transaction scope. An error is now returned if you attempt this process, instead of using the incorrect authorization information. (Bug#34204)

  • The status of connections reported through the state change handler was not being updated correctly. (Bug#34082)

  • Incorporated some connection string cache optimizations sent to us by Maxim Mass. (Bug#34000)

  • In an open connection where the server had disconnected unexpectedly, the status information of the connection would not be updated properly. (Bug#33909)

  • MySQL Connector/NET would fail to compile properly with nant. (Bug#33508)

  • Problem with membership provider would mean that FindUserByEmail would fail with a MySqlException because it was trying to add a second parameter with the same name as the first. (Bug#33347)

  • Using compression in the MySQL connection with MySQL Connector/NET would be slower than using native (uncompressed) communication. (Bug#27865)

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