D.4.8.2. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.7 (21 August 2008)

Bugs fixed:

  • There was a short circuit evaluation error in the MySqlCommand.CheckState() method. When the statement connection == null was true a NullReferenceException was thrown and not the expected InvalidOperationException. (Bug#38276)

  • Executing a command that resulted in a fatal exception did not close the connection. (Bug#37991)

  • In a .NET application MySQL Connector/NET modifies the connection string so that it contains several occurrences of the same option with different values. This is illustrated by the example that follows.

    The original connection string:

          connect timeout=25; auto enlist=false;pooling=false;

    The connection string after closing MySqlDataReader:

            connect timeout=25;auto enlist=false;pooling=false;
            Allow User Variables=True;Allow User Variables=False;
          Allow User Variables=True;Allow User Variables=False;


  • As MySqlDbType.DateTime is not available in VB.Net the warning The datetime enum value is obsolete was always shown during compilation. (Bug#37406)

  • An unknown MySqlErrorCode was encountered when opening a connection with an incorrect password. (Bug#37398)

  • Documentation incorrectly stated that “the DataColumn class in .NET 1.0 and 1.1 does not permit columns with type of UInt16, UInt32, or UInt64 to be autoincrement columns”. (Bug#37350)

  • SemaphoreFullException is generated when application is closed. (Bug#36688)

  • GetSchema did not work correctly when querying for a collection, if using a non-English locale. (Bug#35459)

  • When reading back a stored double or single value using the .NET provider, the value had less precision than the one stored. (Bug#33322)

  • Using the MySQL Visual Studio plugin and a MySQL 4.1 server, certain field types (ENUM) would not be identified correctly. Also, when looking for tables, the plugin would list all tables matching a wildcard pattern of the database name supplied in the connection string, instead of only tables within the specified database. (Bug#30603)

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