D.4.7.7. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.2.2 (12 May 2008)

Bugs fixed:

  • Product documentation incorrectly stated '?' is the preferred parameter marker. (Bug#37349)

  • An incorrect value for a bit field would returned in a multi-row query if a preceding value for the field returned NULL. (Bug#36313)

  • Tables with GEOMETRY field types would return an unknown data type exception. (Bug#36081)

  • When using the MySQLProfileProvider, setting profile details and then reading back saved data would result in the default values being returned instead of the updated values. (Bug#36000)

  • When creating a connection, setting the ConnectionString property of MySqlConnection to NULL would throw an exception. (Bug#35619)

  • The DbCommandBuilder.QuoteIdentifer method was not implemented. (Bug#35492)

  • When using encrypted passwords, the GetPassword() function would return the wrong string. (Bug#35336)

  • An error would be raised when calling GetPassword() with a NULL value. (Bug#35332)

  • When retreiving data where a field has been identified as containing a GUID value, the incorrect value would be returned when a previous row contained a NULL value for that field. (Bug#35041)

  • Using the TableAdapter Wizard would fail when generating commands that used stored procedures due to the change in supported parameter characters. (Bug#34941)

  • When creating a new stored procedures, the new parameter code which permits the use of the @ symbol would interfere with the specification of a DEFINER. (Bug#34940)

  • When using SqlDataSource to open a connection, the connection would not automatically be closed when access had completed. (Bug#34460)

  • There was a high level of contention in the connection pooling code that could lead to delays when opening connections and submitting queries. The connection pooling code has been modified to try and limit the effects of the contention issue. (Bug#34001)

  • Using the TableAdaptor wizard in combination with a suitable SELECT statement, only the associated INSERT statement would also be created, rather than the required DELETE and UPDATE statements. (Bug#31338)

  • Fixed problem in datagrid code related to creating a new table. This problem may have been introduced with .NET 2.0 SP1.

  • Fixed profile provider that would throw an exception if you were updating a profile that already existed.

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