D.4.7.3. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.2.6 (28 April 2009)

Functionality added or changed:

  • A new connection string option has been added: use affected rows. When true the connection will report changed rows instead of found rows. (Bug#44194)

Bugs fixed:

  • Calling GetSchema() on Indexes or IndexColumns failed where index or column names were restricted.

    In SchemaProvider.cs, methods GetIndexes() and GetIndexColumns() passed their restrictions directly to GetTables(). This only worked if the restrictions were no more specific than schemaName and tableName. If IndexName was given, this was passed to GetTables() where it was treated as TableType. As a result no tables were returned, unless the index name happened to be BASE TABLE or VIEW. This meant that both methods failed to return any rows. (Bug#43991)

  • GetSchema("MetaDataCollections") should have returned a table with a column named “NumberOfRestrictions” not “NumberOfRestriction”.

    This can be confirmed by referencing the Microsoft Documentation. (Bug#43990)

  • Requests sent to the MySQL Connector/NET role provider to remove a user from a role failed. The query log showed the query was correctly executed within a transaction which was immediately rolled back. The rollback was caused by a missing call to the Complete method of the transaction. (Bug#43553)

  • When using MySqlBulkLoader.Load(), the text file is opened by NativeDriver.SendFileToServer. If it encountered a problem opening the file as a stream, an exception was generated and caught. An attempt to clean up resources was then made in the finally{} clause by calling fs.Close(), but since the stream was never successfully opened, this was an attempt to execute a method of a null reference. (Bug#43332)

  • A null reference exception was generated when MySqlConnection.ClearPool(connection) was called. (Bug#42801)

  • MySQLMembershipProvider.ValidateUser only used the userId to validate. However, it should also use the applicationId to perform the validation correctly.

    The generated query was, for example:

    SELECT Password, PasswordKey, PasswordFormat, IsApproved, Islockedout
          FROM my_aspnet_Membership WHERE userId=13

    Note that applicationId is not used. (Bug#42574)

  • There was an error in the ProfileProvider class in the private ProfileInfoCollection GetProfiles() function. The column of the final table was named “lastUpdatdDate” ('e' is missing) instead of the correct “lastUpdatedDate”. (Bug#41654)

  • The GetGuid() method of MySqlDataReader did not treat BINARY(16) column data as a GUID. When operating on such a column a FormatException exception was generated. (Bug#41452)

  • When ASP.NET membership was configured to not require password question and answer using requiresQuestionAndAnswer="false", a SqlNullValueException was generated when using MembershipUser.ResetPassword() to reset the user password. (Bug#41408)

  • If a Stored Procedure contained spaces in its parameter list, and was then called from MySQL Connector/NET, an exception was generated. However, the same Stored Procedure called from the MySQL Query Analyzer or the MySQL Client worked correctly.

    The exception generated was:

            Parameter '0' not found in the collection.


  • The DATETIME format contained an erroneous space. (Bug#41021)

  • When MySql.Web.Profile.MySQLProfileProvider was configured, it was not possible to assign a name other than the default name MySQLProfileProvider.

    If the name SCC_MySQLProfileProvider was assigned, an exception was generated when attempting to use Page.Context.Profile['custom prop'].

    The exception generated was:

    The profile default provider was not found.

    Note that the exception stated: 'the profile default provider...', even though a different name was explicitly requested. (Bug#40871)

  • When ExecuteNonQuery was called with a command type of Stored Procedure it worked for one user but resulted in a hang for another user with the same database permissions.

    However, if CALL was used in the command text and ExecuteNonQuery was used with a command type of Text, the call worked for both users. (Bug#40139)

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