D.3.35. Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.15 (07 May 2007)

Bugs fixed:

  • MySQL Connector/ODBC would incorrectly claim to support SQLProcedureColumns (by returning true when queried about SQLPROCEDURECOLUMNS with SQLGetFunctions), but this functionality is not supported. (Bug#27591)

  • An incorrect transaction isolation level may not be returned when accessing the connection attributes. (Bug#27589)

  • Adding a new DSN with the myodbc3i utility under AIX would fail. (Bug#27220)

  • When inserting data using bulk statements (through SQLBulkOperations), the indicators for all rows within the insert would not updated correctly. (Bug#24306)

  • Using SQLProcedures does not return the database name within the returned resultset. (Bug#23033)

  • The SQLTransact() function did not support an empty connection handle. (Bug#21588)

  • Using SQLDriverConnect instead of SQLConnect could cause later operations to fail. (Bug#7912)

  • When using blobs and parameter replacement in a statement with WHERE CURSOR OF, the SQL is truncated. (Bug#5853)

  • MySQL Connector/ODBC would return too many foreign key results when accessing tables with similar names. (Bug#4518)

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