D.3.15. Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.0.8 (17 November 2006)

Connector/ODBC 5.0.8 is the fourth BETA release.

This is an implementation and testing release, and is not designed for use within a production environment.

Functionality added or changed:

  • Also made SQL_DESC_NAME only fill in the name if there was a data pointer given, otherwise just the length.

  • Fixed display size to be length if max length isn’t available.

  • Made distinction between CHAR/BINARY (and VAR versions).

  • Wildcards now support escaped chars and underscore matching (needed to link tables with underscores in access).

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed binding using SQL_C_LONG.

  • Fixed using wrong pointer for SQL_MAX_DRIVER_CONNECTIONS in SQLGetInfo.

  • Set default return to SQL_SUCCESS if nothing is done for SQLSpecialColumns.

  • Fixed MDiagnostic to use correct v2/v3 error codes.

  • Allow SQLDescribeCol to be called to retrieve the length of the column name, but not the name itself.

  • Length now used when handling bind parameter (needed in particular for SQL_WCHAR) - this enables updating char data in MS Access.

  • Updated retrieval of descriptor fields to use the right pointer types.

  • Fixed hanlding of numeric pointers in SQLColAttribute.

  • Fixed type returned for MYSQL_TYPE_LONG to SQL_INTEGER instead of SQL_TINYINT.

  • Fix size return from SQLDescribeCol.

  • Fixed string length to chars, not bytes, returned by SQLGetDiagRec.

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