D.3.3. Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.7 (24 August 2010)

Functionality added or changed:

  • MySQL Connector/ODBC has been changed to support the CLIENT_INTERACTIVE flag. (Bug#48603)

Bugs fixed:

  • SQLColAttribute(SQL_DESC_PRECISION...) function returned incorrect results for type identifiers that have a negative value:

    #define SQL_LONGVARCHAR       (-1) returned 4294967295
    #define SQL_BINARY            (-2) returned 4294967294
    #define SQL_VARBINARY         (-3) returned 4294967293
    #define SQL_LONGVARBINARY     (-4) returned 4294967292
    #define SQL_BIGINT            (-5) returned 4294967291
    #define SQL_TINYINT           (-6) returned 4294967290
    #define SQL_BIT               (-7) returned 4294967289

    They were returned as 32-bit unsigned integer values. This only happened on 64-bit Linux. (Bug#55024)

  • SQLColAttribute for SQL_DESC_OCTET_LENGTH returned length including terminating null byte. It should not have included the null byte. (Bug#54206)

  • The SQLColumns function returned the incorrect transfer octet length into the column BUFFER_LENGTH for DECIMAL type. (Bug#53235)

  • SQLForeignKeys() did not return the correct information. The list of foreign keys in other tables should not have included foreign keys that point to unique constraints in the specified table. (Bug#51422)

  • In contrast to all other ODBC catalog functions SQLTablePrivileges required the user to have SELECT privilege on MySQL schemata, otherwise the function returned with an error:

    SQL Error. Native Code: 1142, SQLState: HY000, Return Code: -1
    [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.0.67-community-nt]SELECT command denied to user
    'repadmin'@'localhost' for table 'tables_priv'
    [Error][SQL Error]Error executing SQLTablePrivileges for object cat: myrep, object Name:


  • MySQL Connector/ODBC manually added a LIMIT clause to the end of certain SQL statements, causing errors for statements that contained code that should be positioned after the LIMIT clause. (Bug#49726)

  • If NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES mode was used on a server, escaping binary data led to server query parsing errors. (Bug#49029)

  • Bulk upload operations did not work for queries that used parameters. (Bug#48310)

  • Retrieval of the current catalog at the moment when a connection was not ready, such as when the connection had been broken or when not all pending results had been processed, resulted in the application crashing. (Bug#46910)

  • Describing a view or table caused SQLPrepare to prefetch table data. For large tables this created an intolerable performance hit. (Bug#46411)

  • If an application was invoked by the root user, SQLDriverConnect() was not able to use the username and password in the connection string to connect to the database. (Bug#45378)

  • Calling SQLColAttribute on a date column did not set SQL_DESC_DATETIME_INTERVAL_CODE. SQLColAttribute returned SQL_SUCCESS but the integer passed in was not set to SQL_CODE_DATE. (Bug#44576)

  • Conversions for many types were missing from the file driver/info.c. (Bug#43855)

  • The SQLTables() function required approximately two to four minutes to return the list of 400 tables in a database. The SHOW TABLE STATUS query used by SQLTables() was extremely slow for InnoDB tables with a large number of rows because the query was calculating the approximate number of rows in each table. Further, the results could not be cached due to non-deterministic nature of the result set (the row count was re-calculated every time), impacting performance further. (Bug#43664)

  • Executing SQLForeignKeys to get imported foreign keys for tables took an excessively long time. For example, getting imported foreign keys for 252 tables to determine parent/child dependencies took about 3 minutes and 14 seconds for the 5.1.5 driver, whereas it took 3 seconds for the 3.5x.x driver. (Bug#39562)

  • SQLDescribeCol returned incorrect column definitions for SQLTables result. (Bug#37621)

  • When opening ADO.Recordset from Microsoft Access 2003, a run-time error occurred:

    ErrNo: -2147467259 ErrMessage: Data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status.


  • SQLPrimaryKeysW returned mangled strings for table name, column name and primary key name. (Bug#36441)

  • On Windows, the SOCKET parameter to the DSN was used as the named pipe name to connect to. This was not exposed in the Windows setup GUI. (Bug#34477)

  • MySQL Connector/ODBC returned a value of zero for a column with a non-zero value. This happened when the column had a data type of BIT, and any numeric type was used in SQLBindCol. (Bug#32821)

  • Option for handling bad dates was not available in the GUI. (Bug#30539)

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