Connector/ODBC Error Codes

The following tables lists the error codes returned by the driver apart from the server errors.

Native CodeSQLSTATE 2SQLSTATE 3Error Message
5000100001000General warning
5010100401004String data, right truncated
50201S0201S02Option value changed
50301S0301S03No rows updated/deleted
50401S0401S04More than one row updated/deleted
50501S0601S06Attempt to fetch before the result set returned the first row set
5060700107002SQLBindParameter not used for all parameters
5070700507005Prepared statement not a cursor-specification
5080700907009Invalid descriptor index
5090800208002Connection name in use
5100800308003Connection does not exist
5112400024000Invalid cursor state
5122500025000Invalid transaction state
51325S0125S01Transaction state unknown
5143400034000Invalid cursor name
515S1000HY000General driver defined error
516S1001HY001Memory allocation error
517S1002HY002Invalid column number
518S1003HY003Invalid application buffer type
519S1004HY004Invalid SQL data type
520S1009HY009Invalid use of null pointer
521S1010HY010Function sequence error
522S1011HY011Attribute can not be set now
523S1012HY012Invalid transaction operation code
524S1013HY013Memory management error
525S1015HY015No cursor name available
526S1024HY024Invalid attribute value
527S1090HY090Invalid string or buffer length
528S1091HY091Invalid descriptor field identifier
529S1092HY092Invalid attribute/option identifier
530S1093HY093Invalid parameter number
531S1095HY095Function type out of range
532S1106HY106Fetch type out of range
533S1117HY117Row value out of range
534S1109HY109Invalid cursor position
535S1C00HYC00Optional feature not implemented
021S0121S01Column count does not match value count
02300023000Integrity constraint violation
04200042000Syntax error or access violation
042S0242S02Base table or view not found
042S1242S12Index not found
042S2142S21Column already exists
042S2242S22Column not found
008S0108S01Communication link failure
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