2.8.1. General Notes on Installing MySQL on HP-UX

Some additional notes on installing and using MySQL on HP-UX:

  • If you install MySQL using a binary tarball distribution on HP-UX, you may run into trouble even before you get the MySQL distribution unpacked, as the HP-UX tar cannot handle long file names. This means that you may see errors when you try to unpack MySQL.

    If this occurs, you must use GNU tar (gtar) to unpack the distribution.

  • Because of some critical bugs in the standard HP-UX libraries, you should install the following patches before trying to run MySQL on HP-UX 11.0:

    PHKL_22840 Streams cumulative
    PHNE_22397 ARPA cumulative

    This solves the problem of getting EWOULDBLOCK from recv() and EBADF from accept() in threaded applications.

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