Enabling New File Formats

InnoDB supports named file formats to improve compatibility between database file formats and various InnoDB versions.

To create new tables that require a new file format, you must enable the new “Barracuda” file format, using the configuration parameter innodb_file_format. The value of this parameter determines whether a newly created table or index can use compression or the new DYNAMIC row format. If you omit innodb_file_format or set it to “Antelope”, you preclude the use of new features that would make your database inaccessible to the built-in InnoDB in MySQL 5.1 and prior releases.

You can set the value of innodb_file_format on the command line when you start mysqld, or in the option file my.cnf (Unix operating systems) or my.ini (Windows). You can also change it dynamically with the SET GLOBAL statement.

Further information about managing file formats is presented in Section 13.7.4, “InnoDB File Format Management”.

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