Upgrading the Dynamic InnoDB Storage Engine

Before shutting down the MySQL server containing the InnoDB storage engine, you must enable “slow” shutdown:

SET GLOBAL innodb_fast_shutdown=0;

For the details of the shutdown procedure, see Section 5.1.10, “The Shutdown Process”.

In the directory where the MySQL server looks for plugins, rename the executable file of the old InnoDB storage engine (ha_innodb_plugin.so or ha_innodb_plugin.dll), so that you can restore it later if needed. You may remove the file later. The plugin directory is specified by the system variable plugin_dir. The default location is usually the lib/plugin subdirectory of the directory specified by basedir.

Download a suitable package for your server platform, operating system and MySQL version. Extract the contents of the archive using tar or a similar tool for Linux and Unix, or Windows Explorer or WinZip or similar utility for Windows. Copy the file ha_innodb_plugin.so or ha_innodb_plugin.dll to the directory where the MySQL server looks for plugins.

Start the MySQL server. Follow the procedure in Section, “Converting Compressed Tables Created Before Version 1.0.2” to convert any compressed tables if needed.

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