A.40. Fred Fish's Dbug Library License

The following software may be included in this product:

Fred Fish's Dbug Library

                                N O T I C E                           

                   Copyright Abandoned, 1987, Fred Fish               

     This previously copyrighted work has been placed into the  public

     domain  by  the  author  and  may be freely used for any purpose,

     private or commercial.                                           

     Because of the number of inquiries I was receiving about the  use

     of this product in commercially developed works I have decided to

     simply make it public domain to further its unrestricted use.   I

     specifically  would  be  most happy to see this material become a

     part of the standard Unix distributions by AT&T and the  Berkeley

     Computer  Science  Research Group, and a standard part of the GNU

     system from the Free Software Foundation.                        

     I would appreciate it, as a courtesy, if this notice is  left  in

     all copies and derivative works.  Thank you.                     

     The author makes no warranty of any kind  with  respect  to  this

     product  and  explicitly disclaims any implied warranties of mer-

     chantability or fitness for any particular purpose.         

The dbug_analyze.c file is subject to the following notice:

     Copyright June 1987, Binayak Banerjee
     All rights reserved.

     This program may be freely distributed under the same terms and
     conditions as Fred Fish's Dbug package.
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