Heat Chart Notifications

It is particularly important to set Notifications for the Heat Chart group of rules. From the Current Schedule page, click the + button beside a rule and then click a server. Doing this opens a window with three tabs: Overview, Settings, and Advanced.

The Overview tab shows which advisor group a rule belongs to, a description of its purpose, and a link to the history of this alert.

In the Settings tab you can adjust the frequency of this rule and also specify a notification group. To select more than one contiguous group press the Shift key and click the desired groups. (Some web browsers may require that you drag your selection.) Noncontiguous selections are made by holding down the Control key and clicking the desired groups.

If you haven't set up global SNMP traps and would like your Network Management System (NMS) to handle events related to a specific rule, check the Use SNMP Traps checkbox. For more information about Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) see Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Traps.

The Advanced tab gives detailed information about how this rule is implemented.

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