Generating a new UUID

For MySQL Enterprise Monitor to operate correctly, each agent must have a unique UUID in order to uniquely identify the agent with the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.


Ensure that you do not reuse or duplicate a UUID. Running two agents with the same identification number yields unpredictable results

Go to the Agent installation directory and enter the following command:

shell> bin/mysql-proxy --plugins=agent --agent-generate-uuid

This should display a line similar to the following:


Paste this line into the [mysql-proxy] section of the mysql-monitor-agent.ini file for the agent-uuid parameter:


In Windows, go to the command line and change to the MySQL Enterprise Agent installation directory and update the UUID by executing:

C:\> cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\Enterprise\Agent
C:\> mysql-monitor-agent -uf mysql-monitor-agent.ini 

This updates the configuration file directly with the new UUID.

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