15.6.5. Postinstallation Considerations

Depending upon how you plan to use the MySQL Enterprise Monitor, there are some tasks you may want to perform after installation. Find some suggestions in the following list:

  • Email settings: Test email notification by deliberately triggering an alert.

  • Auto Startup: On Unix systems, the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager does not automatically restart when the system is rebooted. You may wish to create a system initialization script appropriate to your operating system.

  • Log files: Check the log files for any irregularities. For the locations of the various log files see Files Associated with The MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

  • Agent Log file rotation: Implement log file rotation for the monitor agent.

  • Back up the repository: For a back-up strategy suitable to your circumstances, see the MySQL reference manual documentation.

  • Configuration backup: Back up the mysql-monitor-agent.ini file and the associated instances directory and contents.

    For more information about the mysql-monitor-agent.ini file see MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent Reference.

  • Configuration file: Store the configuration_report.txt in a safe place. There is no mechanism for retrieving the password stored in this file.

  • Repository credentials: The repository user name and password are stored in unencrypted form in the config.properties file. Take care to protect this file.

  • Disk management: Remove installation files, and monitor the space used by the repository. Ensure that you have adequate disk space by regularly purging data. For more information, see Data Purge Behavior.

  • Firewall changes: You may want to limit or expand access to the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

  • Open ports: As with firewall changes, you may want to limit or expand access to the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. The dashboard uses nonstandard ports, none of which are usually open by default.

  • Server upgrades: See Section, “Upgrading the Monitored MySQL Server” for instructions on upgrading a server.

  • Repository access: You may want to add other users.

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