15.3. MySQL Enterprise Advisor Collections

The MySQL Enterprise Advisors are organized into collections. These collections include advisors and definitions for graphs that you can view within the MySQL Enterprise Dashboard.

Each MySQL Enterprise Advisor uses the information collected by the MySQL Enterprise Agent on each machine to test data values or configuration settings and send an event notification when a threshold is reached. Advisors can be a simple piece of advice, a warning, or a critical event. Within the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager these events are displayed through either the events tab, or for critical items, a heat chart summarizing the current status of your MySQL servers.

The events can be displayed within the MySQL Enterprise Dashboard, or can trigger additional notifications, such as an email or an SMS text message. The information provided by the advisors, and the collected data, are also exported through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), so you can use SNMP traps within your existing network monitoring infrastructure.

A schedule determines how frequently each advisor is executed.

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