D.2.1. Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3.0 (1 November 2010)

Functionality added or changed:

  • The new Aggregator component accepts Query Analyzer data from any source.

  • There is a new advisor and corresponding graph for network and disk I/O.

  • There is a new advisor and corresponding graph for InnoDB Plugin.

  • There is a new advisor and corresponding graph for MySQL Cluster.

  • The “What's New?” page integrates with My Oracle Support service, in addition to the MySQL Enterprise web site.

  • There is no longer a requirement to enter a license key.

  • Query Analyzer, Replication monitoring, and all rules and graphs are now available to all licensed users. See http://www.mysql.com/products/ for details.

Bugs fixed:

  • The embedded OpenSSL has been updated to version 0.9.8o. (Bug#55949)

  • The data reported for the binary log file size (in mysql::masterlogs::filesizesum) was erroneously reporting the count of the files, not the sum of the size of the binary logs. (Bug#54618)

  • The list of active support issues on the What's New page has been updated to not show issues that are stale, and to not show issues if you have disabled the support issue checks. (Bug#54600)

  • Monitoring a database with a large number of tables would lead to long queries on INFORMATION_SCHEMA which could lead to operating system memory graphs not being updated correctly. (Bug#54591)

  • The MySQL Enterprise Agent installer would ask for agent credentials, even if you had indicated that the correct user credentials had already been created. (Bug#53943)

  • If the config.properties file, which can contain sensitive information, is world-readable, the server issues a warning message and does not start. (Bug#53004)

  • The timeout for information being supplied through the aggregator was too high, leading to a failure to identify that the aggregator was unavailable. (Bug#52280)

  • The installer dialog for the text installation for MySQL Enterprise Agent would show a blank password prompt when asking for confirmation of the root password. (Bug#52129)

  • With the setting log-level=debug, the JSON data in the Aggregator log is now formatted. (Bug#49469)

  • The file permissions on the mysql directory within the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation would not be set correctly on Mac OS X. (Bug#35203)

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