15.15.1. MySQL Enterprise Monitor Limitations

The following list provides information on known limitations within MySQL Enterprise Monitor:

  • The maximum size for data stored within the mysql.inventory table is 64 bytes.

  • The MySQL Enterprise Agent when operating for Query Analyzer as a proxy does not support clients using the MySQL protocol older than MySQL 5.0.

  • The MySQL Enterprise Agent when operating for Query Analyzer as a proxy does not support clients affects the authentication of clients. As the proxy is the real client connecting to the backend MySQL server, authentication should use the hostname of the proxy, not the original client.

  • Fonts used for MySQL Enterprise Service Manager graphs may not be displayed properly if a required font is missing.

    You can specify a custom font by setting a custom property within the embedded MySQL Server to a known working font. To do this, connect to your embedded MySQL sever using the information provided by the configuration_report.txt file. Once connected, execute the following statment:

    mysql> INSERT INTO map_entries VALUES (1,'Helvetica','graph.font');

    Replacing Helvetica with the font you want to use.

    The font used for graph rendering is selected as follows, in this order:

    1. The user override value.

    2. The MySQL Enterprise Service Manager default of Arial.

    3. The graph engine default of SansSerif.

  • It is not possible to monitor more than one MySQL Enterprise Dashboard instance hosted on the same machine simultaneously within the same browser, even if each MySQL Enterprise Dashboard uses a different port for access. The effect of this limitation may be more significant on certain browsers.

  • When monitoring multiple MySQL instances with one MySQL Enterprise Agent, if any of the MySQL instances are down at the point when the agent is started, the agent does not attempt to reconnect to the servers. This could lead to indications that MySQL instances were down when in fact they were running and available. To avoid this problem, ensure all of the monitored instances are available before starting the agent.

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