15.12.3. Setting a Time Span

Setting a graph to display a time span gives you a historical perspective on server activity. You may want to know what was happening at a specific point in time or you may wish to look at an extended period in order to determine patterns or trends. Changing the time span gives you the flexibility to do this.

In the Time Display drop-down list box select the From/To option. Choosing this option updates the display to include To and From text boxes.

Set the date you wish to start viewing from by manually entering the date in year, month, and day format (2007-03-14). However, it is much easier to click the calendar icon and choose a date from the drop-down calendar. Enter a terminating date in the same way. If you wish, you may also choose the specific time of day by selecting the hour and minute.

If necessary adjust the width and height of the graph and then click the update button. The changes to the time span apply to all the graphs on the Graphs page but have no effect on the graphs on the Monitor tab. You cannot change the time span of the graphs that appear on the Monitor tab. Changes apply only to the current user; defaults for other users will be unchanged.

Use the reset button to cancel your changes.

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