Installing MySQL Proxy from a Binary Distribution

If you download a binary package, you must extract and copy the package contents to your desired installation directory. The package contains files required by MySQL Proxy, including additional Lua scripts and other components required for execution.

To install, unpack the archive into the desired directory, then modify your PATH environment variable so that you can use the mysql-proxy command directly:

shell> cd /usr/local
shell> tar zxf mysql-proxy-0.7.2-osx10.5.tar.gz
shell> PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql-proxy-0.7.2-osx10.5-x86/sbin

If you want to update the path globally on a system, you may need administrator privileges to modify the appropriate /etc/profile, /etc/bashrc, or other system configuration file.

On Windows, you can update the PATH environment variable using this procedure:

  1. On the Windows desktop, right-click the My Computer icon, and select Properties.

  2. Next select the Advanced tab from the System Properties menu that appears, and click the Environment Variables button.

  3. Under System Variables, select Path, then click the Edit button. The Edit System Variable dialogue should appear.

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