Installing MySQL Proxy from the Bazaar Repository

The MySQL Proxy source is available through a public Bazaar repository and is the quickest way to get the latest releases and fixes.

A build from the Bazaar repository requires that the following prerequisite components be installed:

  • Bazaar 1.10.0 or later

  • libtool 1.5 or higher

  • autoconf 2.56 or higher

  • automake 1.10 or higher

  • libevent 1.x or higher (1.3b or later is preferred)

  • lua 5.1.x or higher

  • glib2 2.4.0 or higher

  • pkg-config

  • MySQL 5.0.x or higher developer files

The mysql-proxy source is hosted on Launchpad. To check out a local copy of the Bazaar repository, use bzr:

shell> bzr branch lp:mysql-proxy

The preceding command downloads a complete version of the Bazaar repository for mysql-proxy. The main source files are located within the trunk subdirectory. The configuration scripts must be generated before you can configure and build mysql-proxy. The autogen.sh script generates the required configuration scripts for you:

shell> sh ./autogen.sh

The autogen.sh script creates the standard configure script, which you then use to configure and build with make:

shell> ./configure
shell> make
shell> make install

If you want to create a standalone source distribution, identical to the source distribution available for download, use this command:

shell> make distcheck

The preceding command creates the file mysql-proxy-0.7.2.tar.gz (with the corresponding current version) within the current directory.

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