D.9.7. Changes in MySQL Proxy 0.6.0 (11 September 2007)

Functionality added or changed:

  • When using read/write splitting and the rw-splitting.lua example script, connecting a second user to the proxy returns an error message. (Bug#30867)

  • Added support in read_query_result() to overwrite the result set.

  • By default, MySQL Proxy now starts in daemon mode. Use the new --no-daemon option to override this. Added the --pid-file option for writing the process ID to a file after becoming a daemon.

  • Added hooks for read_auth(), read_handshake() and read_auth_result().

  • Added handling of proxy.connection.backend_ndx in connect_server() and read_query() to support read/write splitting.

  • Added support for proxy.response.packets.

  • Added test cases.

  • Added --no-proxy to disable the proxy.

  • Added support for listening UNIX sockets.

  • Added a global Lua-scope proxy.global.*.

  • Added connection pooling.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed an assertion on COM_BINLOG_DUMP. (Bug#29764)

  • Fixed an assertion on result-packets like [field-len | fields | EOF | ERR]. (Bug#29732)

  • Fixed an assertion that MySQL Proxy raised at login time if a client specified no password and no default database. (Bug#29719)

  • Fixed an assertion at COM_SHUTDOWN. (Bug#29719)

  • Fixed a crash if proxy.connection is used in connect_server().

  • Fixed the glib2 check to require at least glib2 2.6.0.

  • Fixed an assertion at connect time when all backends are down.

  • Fixed connection stalling if read_query_result() raised an assertion.

  • Fixed length encoding on proxy.resultsets.

  • Fixed compilation on win32.

  • Fixed an assertion when connecting to MySQL 6.0.1.

  • Fixed decoding of length-encoded ints for 3-byte notation.

  • Fixed inj.resultset.affected_rows on SELECT queries.

  • Fixed handling of (SQL) NULL in result sets.

  • Fixed a memory leak when proxy.response.* is used.

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