D.9.1. Changes in MySQL Proxy 0.8.1 (13 September 2010)

Functionality added or changed:

  • Allow interception of LOAD DATA INFILE and SHOW ERRORS statements.

  • The unused network_mysqld_com_query_result_track_state() function has been deprecated.

  • chassis_set_fdlimit() has been deprecated in favor of chassis_fdlimit_set().

  • Shutdown hooks were added to free the global memory of third-party libraries such as openssl.

  • con->in_load_data_local has been removed.

Bugs fixed:

  • The admin plugin had an undocumented default value for --admin-password. (Bug#53429)

  • Use of LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE caused the connection between the client and MySQL Proxy to abort. (Bug#51864)

  • If the backend MySQL server went down, and then the clock on the MySQL Proxy host went backward (for example, during daylight saving time adjustments), Proxy stopped forwarding queries to the backend. (Bug#50806)

  • network_address_set_address()->network_address_set_address_ip() called gethostbyname() which was not reentrant. This meant that a MySQL Proxy plugin needed to guard all calls to network_address_set_address() with a mutex. network_address_set_address() has been modified to be thread safe. (Bug#49099)

  • The hard limit was fixed for the case where the fdlimit was set. (Bug#48120)

  • MySQL Proxy returned an error message with a nonstandard SQL State when all backends were down:

    "#07000(proxy) all backends are down"

    This caused issues for clients with “retry” logic, as they could not handle these “custom” SQL States. (Bug#45417)

  • If MySQL Proxy used a UNIX socket, it did not remove the socket file at termination time. (Bug#38415)

  • When running configure to build, the error message relating to the lua libraries could be misleading. The wording and build advice have been updated.

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