18.5.2. Partitioning Limitations Relating to Storage Engines

The following limitations apply to the use of storage engines with user-defined partitioning of tables.

MERGE storage engine.  User-defined partitioning and the MERGE storage engine are not compatible. Tables using the MERGE storage engine cannot be partitioned. Partitioned tables cannot be merged.

FEDERATED storage engine.  Partitioning of FEDERATED tables is not supported; it is not possible to create partitioned FEDERATED tables.

CSV storage engine.  Partitioned tables using the CSV storage engine are not supported; it is not possible to create partitioned CSV tables.

Upgrading partitioned tables.  When performing an upgrade, tables which are partitioned by KEY must be dumped and reloaded.

Same storage engine for all partitions.  All partitions of a partitioned table must use the same storage engine and it must be the same storage engine used by the table as a whole. In addition, if one does not specify an engine on the table level, then one must do either of the following when creating or altering a partitioned table:

  • Do not specify any engine for any partition or subpartition

  • Specify the engine for all partitions or subpartitions

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