2.12. Postinstallation Setup and Testing

After installing MySQL, there are some issues that you should address. For example, on Unix, you should initialize the data directory and create the MySQL grant tables. On all platforms, an important security concern is that the initial accounts in the grant tables have no passwords. You should assign passwords to prevent unauthorized access to the MySQL server. Optionally, you can create time zone tables to enable recognition of named time zones.

The following sections include postinstallation procedures that are specific to Windows systems and to Unix systems. Another section, Section, “Starting and Troubleshooting the MySQL Server”, applies to all platforms; it describes what to do if you have trouble getting the server to start. Section 2.12.2, “Securing the Initial MySQL Accounts”, also applies to all platforms. You should follow its instructions to make sure that you have properly protected your MySQL accounts by assigning passwords to them.

When you are ready to create additional user accounts, you can find information on the MySQL access control system and account management in Section 5.4, “The MySQL Access Privilege System”, and Section 5.5, “MySQL User Account Management”.

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