1.5.3. Enhanced Solaris Support

MySQL 5.5 incorporates several modifications for improved operation of MySQL Server on Solaris:

  • DTrace support for execution monitoring. See Section 1.5.4, “Diagnostic and Monitoring Capabilities”.

  • Atomic instructions, which are needed for the improvements to RW-locking described in Section 1.5.1, “Scalability Improvements”. Atomic instructions now are supported for Sun Studio on SPARC and x86 platforms. This extends their previous availability (supported for gcc 4.1 and up on all platforms).

  • The SMP improvements described in Section 1.5.1, “Scalability Improvements”, were originally intended for x86 platforms. In MySQL 5.5, these also work on SPARC platforms. Also, Solaris optimizations have been implemented.

  • Large page support is enhanced for recent SPARC platforms. Standard use of large pages in MySQL attempts to use the largest size supported, up to 4MB. Under Solaris, a “super large pages” feature enables uses of pages up to 256MB. This feature can be enabled or disabled by using the --super-large-pages or --skip-super-large-pages option.

  • Inline handling for InnoDB and processor instruction prefetching support, previously not enabled for builds created using Sun Studio, now are supported for that build environment.

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