The Catalog Tree Palette

The Catalog Tree palette shows all the schemata that are present in the Physical Schemata section of the MySQL Model page. Expand the view of the objects contained in a specific schema by clicking the + button to the left of the schema name. Doing this displays the following folder icons:

  • Tables

  • Views

  • Routine Groups

Expand each of these in turn by clicking the + button to the left of the folder icon.

Selecting an object in this palette, displays its properties in the Properties palette, which can be found in the lower left corner of the screen.

The Catalog Tree palette is primarily used to drag and drop objects onto an EER diagram canvas.


On Linux, there is a quirk in the GTK tree control, where a simple click always generates a new selection. If you want to drag multiple objects from the Catalog Tree to the EER diagram canvas, you need to perform the operation as follows:

  1. Click first item in tree.

  2. Hold shift and click last item and do not release the shift key.

  3. Keep the shift key depressed and commence the dragging operation.

  4. Release the shift key before you release the mouse button to successfully drop selected objects onto the canvas.

This also applies to use of the Ctrl key when selecting multiple non-adjacent elements in the Catalog Tree.

You can toggle the sidebar on and off using the Toggle Sidebar button, which is located in the top right of the application.

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