16.6. Data Modeling

MySQL Workbench provides extensive capabilities for creating and manipulating database models. Some of these capabilities are listed here:

  • Create and manipulate a model graphically.

  • Reverse engineer a live database to a model.

  • Forward engineer a model to a script or live database.

  • Create and edit tables and insert data.

This is not an exhaustive list. These, and additional data modeling capablities, are discussed in the following sections.

The Home screen is the typical starting point for work with data modeling. In the Data Modeling section of the Workspace you can use the action items there to create and manage models, forward and reverse engineer, and compare and synchronize schemata. These action items are listed below:

  1. Open an Existing EER Model

  2. Open an Existing EER Model (icon)

  3. Create new EER Model

  4. Create EER Model from Existing Database

  5. Create EER Model from SQL Script

These action items are described in the following sections.

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