Accounts tab

The Accounts tab has two sub-tabs:

  • Server Access Management

  • Schema Privileges

Server Access Management enables you to list existing user accounts. You can also add and delete accounts. You can allocate administrative roles and also set account limits.

Schema Privileges enables you to set specific privileges on a user basis.

Figure 16.88. Administrator - Accounts tab

Administrator - Accounts tab

In the current version of MySQL Workbench it is not possible to manage privileges below the schema level. For example, it is not possible to view or manage grants at the table, column, or procedure level. Support for this feature is however planned for MySQL Workbench 6.0. Administrative Roles

To aid in the assignment of privileges to MySQL Server users, MySQL Workbench introduces the concept of Administrative Roles. Roles are a quick way of granting a number of privileges to a user, based on the work the user needs to carry out on the server. It is also possible to assign multiple roles to a user. To assign roles, click the User Account you wish to modify, then click the Administrative Roles tab. Then click the checkboxes according to the roles you wish to allocate to the user. Note once you select a role to a user you will see the accumulated privileges in the Global Privileges Assigned to User panel. For example, if you select the role BackupAdmin the privileges granted would include EVENT, LOCK TABLES, SELECT, SHOW DATABASES. Then if you additionally select the role of ReplicationAdmin, the list of privileges will be expanded to also include REPLICATION CLIENT, REPLICATION SLAVE and SUPER.

The roles available are:

  • DBA: Grants all privileges

  • MaintenanceAdmin: Grants privileges to maintain server

  • ProcessAdmin: Grants privileges to monitor and kill user processes

  • UserAdmin: Grants privileges to create users and reset passwords

  • SecurityAdmin: Grants privileges to manage logins and grant and revoke server

  • MonitorAdmin: Grants privileges to monitor server

  • DBManager: Grants privileges to manage databases

  • DBDesigner: Grants privileges to create and reverse engineer any database schema

  • ReplicationAdmin: Grants privileges to set up and manage replication

  • BackupAdmin: Grants privileges required to backup databases

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